Workshop: How to prepare for an interview: common interview questions & how to answer them (ENG) – 20. 4. 2022

20 Apr

Got an interview? Get the job as well!

A job interview can either start your career or completely bury all hopes of working on your dream position. Well-chosen words and your answers to questions asked are what decides whether you succeed.

During the interview, the interviewer from HR often tests your attention, quick reactions and improvisation ability. 

You can get asked any kind of question during an interview, however, most HR interviewers only use a standard set of questions which you usually encounter. It is important to not underestimate preparation for an interview and aim for perfect preparedness. We have made another career workshop for you on the topic: How to deal with the most common and hardest question you can encounter during an interview.

The workshop is group-based with maximum capacity of 30 and will be held in English. The event will take approximately one hour and half.

DATE: 20. 4. 2022, 13:00 – 14:30

The capacity of the workshop is limited so do not hesitate to register as soon as possible:

Get valuable advice and tips which will make you 100% ready for a job interview, there will also be time for your questions.

Professional career counsellor Mgr. Kirsty Britz, from South Africa, has created an interesting workshop which is guaranteed to be to your benefit. Kirsty has already led career consultation at VŠE and has been exceedingly highly evaluated which is why we believe the event will be beneficial for you.