How to write a motivational letter that leads you straight to a job interview?

You have probably heard that recruiters have very limited time to review CVs. For this reason, you may be asked for a motivational letter, which is a shortened and effective form of introducing yourself. But how do you write such a motivational letter to secure a job interview? Any form of introduction must be concise and efficient. Here are some tips from leading career and leadership coach, Andrew LaCivita, to ensure you are truly prepared for the next opportunity!

How should you structure a motivational letter?
  • Clearly express your interest in a specific position and explain why it caught your attention.
  • Describe your qualifications and experience relevant to the position.
  • Explain why you believe you are a strong candidate. This is your opinion, but it will show recruiters that you have confidence in your abilities. That’s what recruiters want to hear.
  • Refer to the main part of your attached resume, which apart from your profile includes three significant achievements that are also connected with the desired position.
  • In the last sentence, express that you would appreciate the opportunity for a personal interview, whether for this specific position or another position within the organization. It is important to emphasize interest in other job positions as well, to remind recruiters to consider all positions in the organization. Although it may seem obvious, it is not always common practice during a lengthy recruitment process.

The motivational letter should be concise and should convince the reader to review your resume and send an interview invitation. All this should be achieved, ideally, in four or five sentences maximum.

If you are interested in which specific phrases are appropriate to use, we recommend watching the entire video.